Best HomeKit light bulbs to use for your home during Prime Day 2023

HomeKit light bulbs are a straightforward method to light up your home in the best, smartest way. All you need is to make sure that the lightbulb fits into the slots, and that it's HomeKit compatible.

After this, it's just a simple matter of controlling your bright new smart lights with the Home app on your iPhone or one of the best iPads.

Smart appliances are all the rage these days - you can create Apple Shortcuts to change the lights for when you need some extra lighting, or to add to when you're playing a game. Or you can ask Siri to switch on the nightlight for your child to help them go to sleep.

You can buy a HomeKit lightbulb relatively cheap now, so if you want to try one out, you only need to slot one of these in, connect to WiFi and see if it works for you.

So with this in mind, we've listed a bunch of great bulbs for you to look into. But we've also got the best HomeKit hubs if you're keen to make your whole home even smarter.

Quick List


The best HomeKit light bulbs are ideal for smart home beginners as they're one of the quickest ways to upgrade and expand your smart home with very little cost or commitment. Once installed, you can use Siri or your best iPhone to turn your lights on and off, no matter where in the house you are. 

That's not to say that those who already own plenty of the best HomeKit devices won't benefit from new smart light bulbs too, as you can get creative about all of the ways your smart tech works together. The best HomeKit light bulbs will also work with the Home App, so that you can create scenes and have the lights do certain things when parameters are met. For example, you could schedule the hall light to come on when you unlock the door with one of the best HomeKit door locks.

If you want to add some smart lighting into your home but you've already got smart light bulbs or want a different option, then take a look at our best HomeKit light strips guide instead.

What should you look for in a HomeKit lightbulb? 

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When you're buying a smart light bulb we recommend you first consider compatibility. All of the smart bulbs in this guide are compatible with Apple's HomeKit, but if you're looking for other options, checking they work with your current set up is a must.

You'll also want to consider Matter compatibility. Matter is the new standard for smart home devices. It's backed by Apple, Google, Amazon, and other big names. Matter aims to increase interoperability between smart home devices across platforms. Any accessory you buy with the Matter logo will be platform agnostic, meaning that if you ever decide to switch from HomeKit to another platform, you'll be covered.

Another key consideration is features. Some smart light bulbs offer very simple functionality, like just simple white and yellow shades of light, whereas other bulbs offer a choice of millions of colors. The more features generally mean a pricier bulb, so decide what's a priority and how much you're willing to spend. 

Our recommendations

If you are looking for the best smart light bulb on the market, the Nanoleaf Essentials A19 Bulb is a fantastic option. This smart bulb boasts an incredible 1,100 lumens of brightness and can display millions of colors. This LED bulb utilizes Thread networking technology which offers lightning-fast response times and excellent reliability if you have a HomePod 2, HomePod mini or the latest Apple TV 4K in your home.

Want to add some smart capability without losing the vintage charm of filament bulbs? Sylvania's beautiful Smart+ bulbs provide the hip filament look and Bluetooth functionality, enabling all of the goodies that HomeKit offers without needing a separate hub. Whichever bulb you choose, the best HomeKit light bulbs will give you all the benefits of a HomeKit light switch without messing around with wires. To smarten up your home even more, you might consider pairing up a smart bulb with one of the best HomeKit ceiling fans.

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