Best HomeKit smart blinds in Prime Day 2023

The best HomeKit smart blinds are a great way to make your home more smart, automated and private than before. Buy HomeKit smart blinds rather than regular blinds, and you can control them with your iPhone, iPad or even using your voice via Siri

Once set up, you can create Scenes or create automations in the Apple Home app. That way, you can have your blinds open or closed at sunrise or sunset, depending on how you prefer things to look. You can even coordinate things so that your smart lights are turned down in conjunction with your blinds activity. You can also sync up different AppleKit home devices with your blinds. 

Whether you have the latest iPhone 14 Pro or something older, you're in luck here. All you need to do is decide if you want custom-fitted smart blinds across your home or just need a simple, new shade for a regular window in one room. Whatever the plan, the best HomeKit blinds will save you plenty of time and effort, all in exchange for fixing in some screws and adjusting some settings. 

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What are the benefits of smart blinds?

Some of our favorite HomeKit accessories, smart blinds are great for adding even more convenience to your home, while looking great and making your living space more private as needed.

The best HomeKit blinds give you remote controls through the Home app and Siri. Through the power of automation and scenes, you can incorporate them into your morning or evening routine, as well as for movie night.

If you want to add smart features in a simple way, smart blinds are an excellent addition to your home, especially when you want to be hidden away from the outside world for a time.

Smart blinds are also perfect if you're new to smart home tech, showing off what can be accomplished through HomeKit. Once you've got all set up with blinds, consider adding on the best HomeKit light bulbs, best HomeKit light strips or best HomeKit motion sensor for even more automations. For instance, you could set the smart blinds to close at the same time as you schedule your smart light bulbs dim for the evening. 

What should you look for in smart blinds?

Depending on your windows, you may quickly find smart blinds that are the perfect size or you may need to arrange a custom order. Fortunately, most smart blind companies are able to make changes to the size and shades, so they're a perfect fit in your home.

It's a good idea to consider if you want (or need) a cost-effective and pre-sized solution or not. If customization isn't essential, check out IKEA's FYRTUR blackout roller line. The wireless blackout blinds are affordable and come in various standard window sizes. They also work with the TRADFRI Gateway to provide HomeKit support. The FYRTUR Blinds even come with a handy remote that you can stick on the wall or set on a table.

For outdoors smarts, you need the SmartWings Motorized Outdoor Patio Shades.  The customizable outdoor shades are available in four color options. They also provide support for solar panels and handheld remotes so you have plenty of options here for your long-term smart home plans.

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