iPhone 15 Pro Max tipped to cost even more than the last model

iPhone 14 pro Max and iPhone 11 Pro
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Apple is all set to unveil its next best iPhone, the iPhone 15 series, come September. With the launch nearing up, we're now hearing that mass production of these will begin in August. Analyst Jeff Pu revealed this in his latest research note. There have been rumors about the iPhone 15 series getting a price bump, but this new information seems to pertain specifically to the 15 Pro Max.

The price hike seems to be linked to new features that will arrive with this model, Pu says, taking the starting price higher than the 14 Pro Max's $1,099/ €1,449 price tag. 

iPhone 15 Pro Max to get more features, and a fatter price tag

Jeff Pu has said that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will get new features that will come with the increased price, although he did not mention what these features would be. 9to5Mac reports that Pu is also reporting a 12% increase in manufacturing, with Apple making 84 million iPhones in the second half of 2023. 

The spec bump will likely come in the form of a periscope lens in addition to the usual round of chip upgrades and such. The Pro Max has been a bit stagnant for a while, so the addition of a periscope lens would actually be a nice addition.

It will also differentiate Apple's most expensive model from the other iPhones. The periscope lens is likely to bring a higher optical zoom to iPhone, going from 3x to a likely 6x zoom. A sensor upgrade is also likely.

Jeff Pu also had some spicy iPhone 16 leaks in there, talking about how the next best iPhone, the iPhone 16, will get a new "metalens" technology for the proximity sensor, which could see a size reduction in the Face ID sensors.

The iPhone 15 series will arrive later this year, likely in September.

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